Do you have a strategy to leverage AI and Machine Learning for your business?

Is your AI implementation delivering the ROI you expected?

Are your business decisions driven by your data?

Do you know the value of your data?

AI Challenges

Too many technologies and techniques.

Lack of trained talent to leverage AI within organization.

Difficulty in operationalizing AI in the enterprise.

Measuring the business gains consistently.

How to handle AI challenges

Expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Visualization...but also Operations Knowledge in the data preparation necessary to leverage AI Proven Track Record of Using Data Science to Create additional Business Opportunities.

Creating Next Best Sales Action

Increase the sell through rate of your sales organization by leveraging data and AI.

Create effective Next Best Offers to maximize the engagement with your customers.

Predicted Chronic Illness Onset

Predicted onset of chronic conditions in member population – provided insights to Lower Healthcare Costs and improve customer experience.

Increased Customer Lifetime Value

Increased Customer Lifetime Value – With models to decease churn and increase loyalty.

Identify Risk and Fraud in your business

In the Communications service providers, Identify fraudulent customers in every sales channel.

Evaluate payment risk of new customers for services you offer.

Identify fraudulent transactions in health care claims.

Identify fraud in your credit card operations.

Maximized Employee Productivity

Increased Employee Productivity – Optimized Decision Making in Expert Workforce.

Increased Subscriber revenue

Increased Subscriber Revenue – Determined Subscribers Propensity to Upgrade Service.

Our Services

Deliver Quantifiable Value Through AI as a Services to deliver tangible results for your business.

Our Typical Client Engagement Teams

The Domain Expert

We know our customers business

Machine Learning Scientists

Expertly matching the right techniques to the problem set

Data Scientist

Ensure data completeness and quality


Operationalizing and automating models to lock in value

Project Manager

-Managing varied stakeholder interests. Keeping it all together

Management Leadership

Assuring our full accountability for delivering value